Limited Pro Stock Diesel


Dave Jacobs

Vehicle Name - Used and Abused

Hometown - Falls Village, CT

Occupation - Automotive & Light Diesel Tech

 Vehicle Spec – 1997 Dodge Ram 2500

 Pulling Since -  2011

Accomplishments -  2017 2.6 Diesel SPI Points Champion 

Sponsor Info -  Jacobs Garage, Rick Stone Racing, Lyon Industries, Mac Tools distributor Earl Cowette, Garofalo Enterprises, Miller Performance 

Team members -  My wife Resha, Jon Hoose, Matt Hansen, Mom, Dad, and all the guys we pull with! It's a big family!


Andre Bordeleau

Vehicle Name - Late Nights

Hometown - Bridport, VT

Occupation - Large Diesel Mechanic 

Vehicle Spec –  '99 Dodge Ram 2500

Pulling Since - 2014

Sponsor Info -  Champlain Precision, Inc

Team Members - Jenna, Wyatt, Cole, Whittemore Family, Spencer, Melissa , Tyler


Jesse Boehne

Vehicle Name -  Dirty Addiction

Hometown - Wallingford, CT

Occupation - Plumber

Vehicle Spec – 2003 Chevy Duramax

Pulling Since -  2013

Accomplishments -  2014 Workstock runner-up, 2015 Workstock, runner up, 2016 Workstock Points Champion, 2017 Workstock runner-up

Sponsor Info - Champion Transmission and Diesel Performance, Exergy Performance, Branik Motor Sports, HSP Diesel, Profab Performance, Interco Tire, Wherli Fab, Dirty Hooker Diesel, Kryptonite Products, Yukon Gear and Axle


Matthew Hayes

Vehicle Name - Oilfield Outlaw

Hometown- Hallstead, PA

Occupation - Oil and Gas Consultant

Vehicle Spec - 1999 Dodge Ram 2500

Pulling Since - 2015

Accomplishments - None yet, hope to change that soon

Sponsor Info - Wheeler's Excavating, MjH Oilfield, Apex Diesel, Greensburg Machine and Driveline, Garofalo Enterprises, JEB Modern Machines

Team Members - Kara Hayes, Kalynne Myers, Taylor Hayes, Gavin Hayes, Steven Deinhardt, Mindy Deinardt, Rob Safford, Dale VanPelt


Nathan Stiller

Vehicle Name - Old Betsy

Hometown - Lynnfield, MA

Occupation: Diesel mechanic

Vehicle Spec - 1997 Ford F-350 7.3
Pulling Since - 2015

Accomplishments- 3rd place at black out in country in open diesel class in 2017, Keystone Nationals 2018

Sponsors Info-   Diesel shop ct., Constable machine , EBA speed and machine, (Bts) Brian’s Truck shop,  Stainless diesel, Jeli built performance,
C.H Hamilton builders, Critical signs,
Full force diesel performance, M&W iron worx
Critical tint


Team members -  Fred Johnson. Alis hill. Jackie white. Kevin moldun. Jack Santo. Tim Repetto.  Dan Esposito.  


Josh Hayes

Vehicle Name - The Cure

Hometown - Fonda, NY

Occupation - Fed Ex

Pulling Since - 2001

Team Members - Greg, Corin, Brad


Joshua Damon

Hometown - New Ipswich, NY

 Vehicle Spec - 6.6 Duramax

Pulling for - 6 years

Sponsor Info - Firecrete Paving & JTD Construction

Team Members - Wife & Kids


Matt Sarafin

Hometown - Southampton Ma 

Occupation - Electrician  

Vehicle Spec - 2001 Dodge 2500 5.9L 

Pulling since 2010 

Accomplishments -  MATPA points champ 2017 

Team Members - Nicole Nevue, Mark Saradin, Pat Nevue, Steve Strong, Derek Lavoie


Dean Detlefsen

Bryon Hewlett

Vehicle Name - Twisted Horns

Hometown - Otego, NY

Occupation - NYS DOT

Vehicle Spec- '96 Dodge

Pulling Since - 2015 in 2.5 Workstock

Accomplishments - Had fun in the 2.5 class

Sponsor Info - Hausmann's Diesel Performance

Tom's Auto Detailing

Team Members - Bryon Hewlett (Owner/Driver) Tom Daniul (Pit Crew/Sponsor) Mike Hausmann (Mechanic/Sponsor) Wade Stahl (Mechanic/Pit Crew)